5 Benefits of Homogeneous Tiles

Blogs | March 19, 2020 By DataLand Inc.


When it comes to deciding the materials to use in your home, especially the tiles, there are several options to choose from. Of course, you would want something that is of excellent quality that would at the same time bring beauty and charm into your space. That is why homogeneous tile is the ideal choice.

One of the most basic forms of flooring in the Philippines is tiles. Homogeneous tiles, or full body porcelain, are a type of ceramic tiles composed of fine porcelain clays that were heated at a much higher temperature than a normal ceramic tile. This process makes them denser and harder than the normal ceramic tiles and makes them less likely to absorb moisture and stains.

Homogeneous tiles are recommended for both indoor and outdoor use because of its consistent composition throughout its entire body though.


  1. Resistant to cracks

The firing process in the manufacture of homogeneous tiles gives them an extra level of protection, which makes them difficult to crack.

  • Easy to clean

With homogenous tiles, you can save a lot of time that you otherwise would spend on maintenance. A quick wipe is typically all that you need to keep these tiles clean.

  • Water-resistant and non-porous

Homogeneous tiles have a low absorption rate. They promote efficient water drainage and smooth flow.

  • Keep off stains

Stains can become a significant challenge in areas such as the kitchen. If your floor gets severely stained, then it can be a costly and daunting affair to get rid of it. With homogenous tiles, however, you don’t generally experience this challenge because they provide high resistance to stains.

  • Versatile

Homogeneous tiles have the attributes of both ceramic and porcelain tiles. That means they can work in any interior and exterior designs.

All units at both DataLand’s The Silk Residences and The Olive Place come with homogeneous tiles in the living, dining and kitchen areas, kitchen granite countertop with stainless kitchen sink, ceramic tiles flooring in the toilet and bath, wall-mounted lavatory and a dual-flush water closet with bidet.

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