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DataLand eyes projects on strategic locations

DATALAND is the real estate arm of DDT Konstract Inc. (DDTKI), a Filipino-owned company and one of the few select Quadruple A-rated construction companies in the country with over 20 years of proven industry track record.

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All geared up for 2022 by Din M. Villafuerte

With nine years in the business and a growing portfolio of projects that are “beyond the basics,” DataLand Inc. is all geared for continued recovery. “With the decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country and other parts of the world, people are starting to go out and spend, and are more comfortable investing for the long term,” said DataLand president Engr. Andrea Marie Tamayo Ulep. “They see the value and importance of prudent investing.”

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DataLand tops off Olive Place Shaw

DataLand Inc. (DLI), the real estate development arm of the DDT Group of Companies recently held a topping off ceremony for its Mandaluyong project – The Olive Place Shaw Tower 2.

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The 5Ds of quality homes beyond the basics by Vaughn Alviar @inquirerdotnet

Homegrown developer DataLand Inc. proudly celebrated nine spectacular years of providing quality homes beyond the basics, befitting the demands and aspirations of Filipinos.

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Quality beyond the basics: Sustainable homes await future residents of DataLand by Faith Ragasa

For nine years, real estate company DataLand, Inc. has been going the extra mile to reassure their customers of quality-built homes that may go well beyond the years. As the real estate arm of Quadruple ‘A’ certified construction company DDT Konstract Inc. (DDTKI), DataLand's properties are built on innovative materials made for structural sustainability.

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5 Benefits of Homogeneous Tiles

When it comes to deciding the materials to use in your home, especially the tiles, there are several options to choose from. Of course, you would want something that is of excellent quality that would at the same time bring beauty and charm into your space. That is why homogeneous tile is the ideal choice.

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Bidet – Everything You Need to Know

The Tabò (TAH-boh) is a traditional Filipino hygiene tool primarily for cleansing, bathing, and cleaning the floor of the bathroom. The tabo could most commonly be found in the provinces though it is also widely used in Metro Manila.

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Studio Premier Flex

Introducing The Olive Place’s STUDIO PREMIER FLEX!

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Bigger Unit Cuts

If you’re planning to buy a condo, one of the most important decisions to keep in mind is the amount of space you’re going to need.

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DataLand, Inc’s DDT Sky Tower Breaks Ground

A groundbreaking ceremony was held to mark the construction of DataLand, Inc’s flagship corporate office project, the DDT Sky Tower.

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5 Reasons Why Mandaluyong City is the Best Place to Grow Your Career and Life

The North Gateway Business Park, the first of its kind in Tuguegarao City, was launched Monday by developer DataLand, Inc.

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Choice Picks for 2020 by Vaughn Alviar @inquirerdotnet

The bigger leaps, for some, include investing in a new home or business. Those need not be too stressful. To lessen the burden, people just need to find a trusted partner in achieving their dream—one with a great sense of quality, innovativeness and accountability to customers.

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MyCube Offers Necessities of Dorm Living by Din M. Villafuerte @inquirerdotnet

MyCube is poised to be an ideal investment option in the dynamic city of Biñan, Laguna. Moving forward with its mission to deliver “quality beyond the basics,” property developer DataLand Inc. recently broke ground for its first “dormitel” project.

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Dataland Remains Steadfast in Going Beyond the Basics by Theresa S. Samaniego @inquirerdotnet

DataLand’s projects offer highly liveable spaces, designed to match today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Can high quality be affordable? For home solutions provider DataLand Inc., the answer is a definite yes. While a relatively new player in the industry, DataLand has shown and proven that one need not sacrifice quality nor the luxury of having a comfortable, well-balanced lifestyle should he or she decide to purchase a fairly priced home.

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DDT Sky Tower: Structure of Grandeur by Theresa S. Samaniego @inquirerdotnet

An iconic landmark is set to make the bright Quezon City skyline glitter. Launched on Thursday at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, the 60-storey DDT Sky Tower is set to redefine the way office buildings are built within this thriving city, where various businesses and industries already have a strong presence.

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Building Beyond Basics by Theresa S. Samaniego @inquirerdotnet

With DataLand’s ‘Beyond the Basics’ quality seal, the company will be able to provide quality features that are not commonly found in affordable homes. It’s one highly dynamic industry where only the best and the brightest last and are able to carve their own niche.

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Your Own Spot in the Best Island by Din M. Villafuerte @inquirerdotnet

DataLand Inc. is giving you the chance to own a spot in the best island in the world. Its newest offering, The Miren Enclaves, promises to be the ideal home in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. In 2018, the island province was cited as one of the best islands in the world by Conde Nast Magazine.

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Going for Smart Investment Choices by Din M. Villafuerte @inquirerdotnet

The conveniently-sized units allow residents to have a more comfortable and ample living space. All of us are for starting the new year right. For some, this means adopting a healthier lifestyle, while others may plan on giving up a few unproductive habits. There are also those who are probably looking to be financially smarter this coming year as they look for ways to better save or invest their hard-earned money.

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Home for the Holidays at The Ivywall Hotel by Din M. Villafuerte @inquirerdotnet

The province of Palawan has always been a favorite destination by foreign tourists and locals alike. It never loses its charm, no matter how many times one visits. There is something in store for everybody in Palawan, whether you are longing for tranquil and pristine beaches, a gastronomic experience, adrenaline-pumping adventure, or a taste of local culture.

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A Promise of Quality Beyond the Basics by Amy R. Remo @inquirerdotnet

Barely a decade old, and yet it’s well poised to become a prime mover in the Philippine real estate industry.

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Your Perfect Home in the Heart of the City by Din M. Villafuerte @inquirerdotnet

The Olive Place promises to be an exciting addition to the dynamic Metro Manila skyline. When you hustle and work hard day in and day out, the least you can do is reward yourself with an address that will bring you closer to the conveniences of everyday living.

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Everyday Living Made Smoother at The Silk Residences by Din M. Villafuerte @inquirerdotnet

The Silk Residences embodies DataLand’s commitment to deliver beyond the basics. It is a popular belief that if you want your own living place in bustling Metro Manila, you must abandon your desire for the finer things in life. It may be true for some. But not for the developer of The Silk Residences, where quality and comfort meet practical design and value.

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A Childhood Dream Fulfilled by Theresa S. Samaniego @inquirerdotnet

DataLand is working double time to ensure that it goes beyond what the affordable market segment truly wants and needs.

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