All geared up for 2022 by Din M. Villafuerte

News | December 17, 2021 By Din M. Villafuerte

With nine years in the business and a growing portfolio of projects that are “beyond the basics,” DataLand Inc. is all geared for continued recovery.

“With the decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country and other parts of the world, people are starting to go out and spend, and are more comfortable investing for the long term,” said DataLand president Engr. Andrea Marie Tamayo Ulep. “They see the value and importance of prudent investing.”

The past two years taught the real estate developer to roll with the punches. For Ulep, adapting to change and preparing for uncertainties allow businesses to serve their respective markets and stakeholders better. It is proof of a company’s commitment to provide its clients with what they need.
Committed to quality

“The pandemic has redefined the way we live. Our challenge is value-added concepts and solutions that enhance good health and well-being in the living environment,” explained Ulep. “Now more than ever, DataLand is committed to deliver quality developments that are beyond the basics through innovation with constant application of modern technology as we respond to the needs of our changing times.”


DDT Sky Tower – Artist’s Pespective

DataLand embraced the necessary measures in order to serve its market well amid the pandemic. The company made the transition to digital marketing and selling as in-person meetings were discouraged to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It boosted its social media presence to better connect with its target markets, enhanced its website to make it more responsive, enabled virtual tours, and equipped its sellers with the capability on how to do digital selling, just to name a few.

Improved offerings

As a company’s strength also banks on the trust of its clients, DataLand improved its offerings in order to provide more value to its clients, thus sustaining the confidence of the property developer’s investors and homebuyers.
“Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, we delivered tower one of our project, The Olive Place, right on time to our delighted clients,” declared Ulep.

Strategically located along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City, The Olive Place affords its residents comfort and convenience right in the heart of the bustling city. It allows one proximity to transport hubs, shopping centers, schools, hospitals and religious institutions. Top-notch amenities promise its residents with the best city living experience as well. The residential project’s second tower was topped off recently, even earlier than expected.

It is worth mentioning that DataLand’s parent firm is the well-renowned Quadruple A-rated construction firm DDT Konstract Inc. (DDTKI). The reputable construction company boasts of a team of experienced engineers who are regarded as some of the best in the country.

High quality spaces

With more than 20 years of remarkable construction experience with the country’s top developers and corporations, DDTKI guarantees state-of-the-art craftsmanship. DataLand homebuyers, thus, are assured of living spaces that are of high quality.

It has always been the property developer’s commitment to deliver “quality beyond the basics” and remains guided by the company’s standard Five Ds: Desirable Destination, Delightful Amenities, Deal is Real, Dedicated Property Management, and Deliver the Quality Promise.

The Silk Residences’ hotel-like Grand Lobby

Since its inception in 2011, DataLand has successfully launched five projects all over the country—The Silk Residences in Manila, The Olive Place in Mandaluyong City, The Miren Enclaves and The Ivywall Hotel which are both in Palawan, and the DDT Sky Tower, a 60-story office high-rise in Quezon City. All have been warmly received by the market.

As the country slowly recovers from the effects of the pandemic, DataLand is looking forward to good opportunities for market expansion in the coming year.

“DataLand sees a better year in 2022 with the launch of new projects that will expand our footprint to offer better products to more markets, allowing them to live a full life in the new normal,” Ulep concluded.

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