Quezon City: Evolving with modern living

News | February 28, 2023 By The Manila Times

DataLand, Inc.

Artist’s perspective of DataLand Inc. (DLI) project in Quezon City.


NOT many Filipinos know but Quezon City was originally intended to be the capital city of the Philippines during the early 20th century. When its charter was established in 1939, the vision of then-president Manuel L. Quezon—after whom the city was named—was to create a new master planned metropolis to address the growing congestion in Manila.
The government went about acquiring and assembling land from various haciendas and estates in the adjacent towns of Marikina, Pasig, San Juan and Caloocan, creating a vast contiguous area of what is now more than 160 square kilometers.

American Architect Harry Frost worked with a team including renowned Filipino architect Juan Arellano to come up with the design for the new urban center, modernizing the rural landscape with features such as wide roads and generous open spaces, and assignment of areas for residences, businesses and the seat of government—the highlight of which is what is known today as the Quezon Memorial Circle.

During the Second World War, a strategic reorganization to fortify the government took place, creating the City of Greater Manila—consolidating Manila with Caloocan, Makati, Mandaluyong, Parañaque, Pasay and San Juan. While this city was eventually dissolved after the war, it largely served as a precursor to the creation of modern-day Metro Manila later on. Indeed, in 1976, then President Ferdinand Marcos formally reverted the capital city to Manila.

While Quezon City never got to permanently attain its status as the capital of the country, the foundations of its master plan largely served as an advantage in attracting Filipino families to settle down in the area. With schools, hospitals, commercial districts and even government offices all located in close proximity to each other, it’s no wonder that Quezon City has grown to be the most populous city in Metro Manila with already close to 3 million inhabitants.

The good news is that Quezon City has not stopped evolving. From its original vision as the premier metropolis in the Philippines, it has regained its prominence as a key urban center because of its role in major infrastructure developments in the country, such as the highly anticipated 36-kilometer Metro Manila Subway line. It links the opposite ends of the metro and is connected to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, with the northern base in Quezon City.

All existing LRT and MRT lines will also be interconnected to the high-tech subway at the North Triangle Common Station, which is also located in Quezon City. Thus, convenient and highly integrated urban living will soon be a reality for residents in this area. DataLand Inc. (DLI), one of the most dynamic full-line real estate developers in the country today, recognizes the immense potential of Quezon City as a hub of the future and has come up with an urban living solution that brings all these benefits within the reach of today’s Filipino families.

DLI adds to the changing landscape of Quezon City with a landmark twin-tower skyscraper project rising at a prime location on the corner of the major EDSA thoroughfare and Mother Ignacia Avenue—expected to be one of the tallest structures this side of the metro, with a maximum height of 56 floors. Its revolutionary mixed-use design offers not only spaces for work and business, but residential units that create a genuine live-work-play atmosphere.

This vertical community provides valuable opportunity for individuals and families aspiring to be part of the urban revolution sweeping Quezon City. And with DLI’s mission to provide quality beyond the basics—enabled by the expertise and heritage of its parent company, quadruple-A contractor DDT Konstract—locators and residents in this innovative development can expect an enhanced way life that will make the most of what the city offers.

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