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News | June 8, 2019 By DataLand Inc.

With DataLand’s ‘Beyond the Basics’ quality seal, the company will be able to provide quality features that are not commonly found in affordable homes.

It’s one highly dynamic industry where only the best and the brightest last and are able to carve their own niche.

For DataLand Inc. sales and marketing vice president Rouen Abel Raz, being a relevant and efficient player in the property scene means going beyond providing quality and offering low prices. And this seems true now more than ever, given the increasingly cutthroat competition in the market today.

Indeed to be recognized as the preferred choice of today’s discerning market, a developer must be able to create and effect innovative changes, deliver optimum service and provide high quality, value-for-money developments. Simply put, the property developer must be able to deliver quality beyond basics.

Such is the promise that DataLand Inc. hopes to fulfill.

“It is important that people understand where we came from to understand where we are headed. Our roots and foundation come from a solid construction background. DataLand’s parent company—DDT Konstract, Inc. (DDTKI)—has a strong construction heritage. DataLand Inc. sprung out of DDTKI—a Quadruple ‘A’ rated construction company that has a keen eye for details—details that enhance living experiences of our customers,” Raz shared.

DataLand is part of the DDT Group of Companies, which also include DDTKI and Whiteport. Both companies have shown how excellence in construction would allow them to bag numerous contracts with major real
estate players in the country and eventually build a strong and credible name in the industry.

Thus, while other developers are still relying on building the quality of their developments and their brand through their construction arm partners, DataLand already carries the DDTKI stamp of excellence and durability.

And with real estate business booming in the country, it only seemed natural for DataLand to provide an intelligent investment option. Already aware of the ropes of the business, DataLand is now providing homes that offer real value-for-money, within top-notch locations, and coupled with amazing deliverables and workmanship.

“Quality beyond the basics’ is a tagline for us—and that also, is our lifeline. We deliver quality projects that enhance price appreciation and property values over time. Our dedicated property management team also helps in delivering these. Being a contractor-developer, DataLand has the advantage of giving better finishes, features and amenities to provide our buyers better living experiences at an affordable price,” Raz said.

Raz believes that the preference and attitude of many homebuyers continue to evolve and thus, it is crucial for developers like DataLand to continue listening to what the market needs and at the same time, explore new offerings without losing sight of its real mission—that is to provide decent and value for money homes to every hardworking individual.

“When you look at people who have invested in real estate and homes say 20 to 30 years back, we hear the following
major concerns from customers. One is, does my home/investment continue to serve the purpose why I bought it? Second is, has it increased in value over the years? With our commitment to quality build, we can assure our customers that the home that they bought will last long with the materials and finishes that we are providing. We have heard this from our customers who are now residing at The Silk Residences (in Sta. Mesa, Manila). The location of our projects will likewise allow a better appreciation in value over the years. These two reasons should be good reasons why it is best to invest in DataLand,” Raz explained.

Meanwhile, understanding that the affordable market segment caters to the working middle class, Raz said that with DataLand’s “Beyond the Basics” quality seal, the company will be able to provide quality features which are not commonly found in affordable homes provided by most industry players.

All of DataLand’s developments offer highly livable spaces and are designed to accommodate bigger units, thus providing future homeowners an assurance that they get utmost comfort and not just a bare structure.

DataLand currently has a number of projects across the country, all of which embody DataLand’s promise of quality beyond basics. Apart from The Silk Residences, DataLand also has The Olive Place condo project in Shaw, Mandaluyong; The Miren Enclaves in Puerto Princesa; and DDT Sky Tower, a 60-storey office building tower along Edsa cor. Mother Ignacia St.

DDT Sky Tower is DataLand’s first venture into office space development and the company is currently working on having it accredited by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, and getting a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the US Green Building Council. It is only a little over 100 meters away from the Quezon Avenue MRT Station and is within a two kilometer range of an emerging business district.

However, Raz is well aware that in order to truly make a mark and earn the respect of its peers, DataLand must be able to bring to the table the same expertise and innovations that its parent firm has instituted.

“When you are recognized in the market as a Quadruple ‘A’ contractor, you bring in technology and processes that
become a standard in the industry. At DataLand, we get to understand what works and what doesn’t. We bring these learnings and lessons to our projects that allow us to make less mistakes and less change orders. We have a state-of-the-art precast facility that allows us to ensure faster work timelines and therefore lower construction costs. With this, we can offer more to our customers via better locations, amenities and deliverables and finishes. If you compare our prices in the market, you are getting your money’s worth,” Raz related.

“A lot of our innovations are coming from the construction group. The equation is simple for us: use new technologies to drive down costs. We provide materials, finishes, amenities and features that are not commonly found in other affordable residences. We upped the ante and redefine product deliverables and workmanship to
deliver some of the materials, finishes and features that are found in higher-end developments,” Raz concluded.

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