Top 3 Reasons Why Location Can Increase The Value of Your Property

Blogs | July 11, 2023 By DataLand, Inc

Ask any savvy real estate investor about the secret of their success, and one word you’ll often hear is “location.” It dictates the value, growth potential, and tenant appeal of a property, and should be a key consideration when selecting your next investment.

DataLand presents to you a threefold truth in property investment that takes location to the top of your list when looking at properties or investments or your future home.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons why Location is a big consideration:

1. Real Estate Value Appreciation

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Homes in prime locations, such as The Olive Place in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong, typically appreciate value. Its strategic position provides easy access to key cities like Ortigas, Makati, and Fort Bonifacio, as well as to attractions like Edsa Shangrila Mall and SnR Shaw. Its convenience for city workers enhances The Olive Place’s desirability and value.

Investing in regions planned for urban growth, like Biñan, Laguna, can boost capital appreciation. MyCube, located near the University Of Perpetual Help System, presents an ideal opportunity for investors targeting student accommodations. Nearby local establishments and attractions such as Tibagan Falls and historical baroque churches add to its allure making MyCube poised for growth potential and profitability.

There are developments that start from the ground up. Embodying the pioneering spirit, DataLand’s daring North Gateway Business Park project in Tuguegarao, Cagayan de Oro, demonstrates the advantages of blazing new trails. Despite the challenges of developing in the outskirts of Metro Manila, the completed township is expected to bring more employment opportunities, offer cost-effective office spaces for companies, and stimulate the appreciation of neighboring areas, contributing positively to the province’s growth.

2. The Beginnings of Passive Income

Location is pivotal in rental property investments. Urban properties like The Olive Place are attractive for their proximity to business districts and lifestyle centers. Meanwhile, there’s a growing demand for serene yet accessible locations. The Miren Enclaves in Puerto Princesa, Palawan fits this demand perfectly. Set on a renowned island, it offers proximity to Puerto Princesa’s Underground River, Robinson’s Place Palawan, Adventist Hospital, and Palawan’s new international airport providing a peaceful retreat without sacrificing amenities or accessibility

3. Quality Of Life

The Olive Place Pool Deck

Property location significantly impacts inhabitants’ quality of life by offering convenience, access to amenities, and superior living conditions, enhancing its appeal to buyers and renters. Location-based investment isn’t mere luck; it necessitates market understanding, foresight, and patience, calling for decisions that align with current and future market trends.

Whether it’s a bustling city pad or a tranquil island retreat, the location of your investment can significantly impact your return on investment and tenant satisfaction levels. By placing location as a primary consideration in your investment strategy, you’re setting the stage for profitability in a competitive market.

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