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News | October 13, 2018 By DataLand Inc.

DataLand is working double time to ensure that it goes beyond what the affordable market segment truly wants and needs.

I want to have my own building worth P5 million.” Such was the wishful statement of a 9-year-old kid who then wanted to follow the footsteps of her parents.

Fortunately for Engr. Andrea T. Ulep, fate seemed to have a better plan as she is now living that dream and doing even more as president of DataLand Inc., a real estate firm.

DataLand is one of the family-owned companies comprising the DDTKI Group, which also includes DDT Konstract Inc., Whiteport Inc., Dataj Aquafarm Inc., Agriwaras Ventures Inc., and Andres P. Tamayo Sr. Foundation Inc.

Growing interest

Ulep shared that while growing up, she saw her parents succeed and make a reputable name in the construction industry. Those Sunday afternoon trips to construction sites proved to be more than enough to stir up her interest in the world of construction and eventually create a name for herself and the company she now heads.

“I have always wanted to be a civil engineer, just like my parents. I saw them climb the career ladder and I can say that they are successful. When I was 9 years old, my father used to take us out on a Sunday morning and have lunch somewhere in the south. Before heading back home, we will pass by his project site. I guess that’s where I got my inkling,” Ulep said in an interview with the Inquirer.

Aware of what her parents do for a living and seeing the company they have built continuously thrive to become one of the most respectable players in the industry, Ulep certainly had enough inspiration and guidance to get her through.

“I am now a civil engineer by profession. But I also dreamed of having my own building when I was young. I remember writing my aunt who’s abroad at that time and told her ‘I want to have my own building worth P5 million.’ I guess being in DataLand is God’s way of fulfilling that dream,” she added.

Chairman’s vision

Today, Ulep and her siblings are taking a bigger and more active part in the different companies under the DDTKI Group. DataLand, in particular, was born out of DDTKI chairman Danilo Tamayo’s vision to create his own real estate company.

“Each company is being handled by me and my siblings. I am in charge of the group’s real estate arm—DataLand. With the experience that DDT Konstract, a ‘Quadruple A’ construction company, has as a general contractor for 20 years, it became our chairman’s vision to create his own real estate development company. He even conceptualized the company name five years ahead of its actual establishment. Data stands for his name, Danilo Tamayo,” Ulep explained.

“DataLand is a realized vision of our chairman and our parent company. It is in DataLand that we showcase the construction prowess of our parent company and exclusive contractor, DDT Konstract, which is quality, timely and safe delivery at a competitive cost through state-of-the-art technology,” she further noted.

Establishing a name

While DDTKI has already made a name for itself, there is still much that DataLand has to do for it to gain the same respect that DDTKI now enjoys. Given the number of players present in the Philippine real estate industry, all vying to have a bigger piece of the market, work hasn’t been easy for Ulep.

“The biggest challenge we had during start-up, which we are still experiencing now, is establishing the brand and competing with the real estate industry giants. It takes more effort to market our products considering our newness in the industry. To address this, we became more aggressive in our marketing and branding efforts. We are currently maximizing our exposure in various forms of media platforms. Also, we are continuously building a talented pool of seasoned sales people,” Ulep shared.

Determined to succeed and make a difference in the real estate industry, DataLand, under the guidance of its founders and its president, continues to create developments that will allow it to gain the nod and approval of the market.

But if there is one advantage that Ulep has, it is the fact that she has the backing and support of her elders and fellow leaders in the company.

Moreover, her experience in heading Whiteport Inc. for eight years has helped her make critical decisions now that she is with DataLand. With enough guidance and confidence sent her way, Ulep admits that the job becomes a bit easier.

“When it comes to strategic decision-making, I give weight to the ideas of our chairman, vice chairman and colleagues. I was immersed immediately in the industry and was tasked to be at the helm of our six-year-old real estate company, DataLand. I was given the authority to decide but I do consult the experts first. If the decision is right, then it’s ok. If it fails, I consider it as a valuable learning experience,” Ulep said.

Beyond basics

DataLand adopted the tagline, “Quality beyond the basics” and it is working double time to ensure that it goes beyond what the affordable market segment truly wants and needs.

“DataLand caters to the affordable market segment and we found out that the products in this segment are so generic in quality and finishes. This is where we can innovate given our parent company’s recognized track record of building quality developments,” Ulep related.


“Aside from construction expertise, DataLand takes advantage of DDTKI’s resources such as the use of its very own state-of-the-art precast technology through the DataPrecast System, Incorporated (DPSI) (an ISO 9001:2008 certified company employing the latest generation automated pre-casting equipment from Finland) which makes pre-cast concrete for all of DDTKI’s construction needs,” she further disclosed.

And to better service a market of discerning progressive urbanites, the company launched early this year Dataland Residentials, thereby creating a brand for the company’s residential developments.

‘High five standards’

In all of its projects, DataLand would meanwhile go at great lengths to ensure that its projects abide by its so-called high five standards.

Ulep identified these as: location, which should both be centralized and convenient; topnotch amenities that build communities and enrich life; employment of high quality materials and workmanship at great value for money; a dedicated property management team that ensures quality living while preserving one’s investment’s value; and having the DDT Konstract seal of quality that ensures its buildings are built to last.

Armed with such standards and guidelines, Ulep hopes to bring DataLand to its rightful place and allow Filipinos to have on their hands an investment that will allow them to live comfortably and safely.

She also hopes to expand the company’s presence to other regions to better serve the market.

“We are expanding our footprint in various growth areas across the country as a full range property developer encompassing residential, office, leisure and township projects, completing projects that are in the works as well as launching new ones that are sure to excite the market. In the pipeline are residential projects, dormitels, offices, hotels, industrial park and estate developments,” Ulep concluded.

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