5 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Condo In The Philippines

Blogs | May 2, 2023 By DataLand, Inc.

Looking to buy a condominium in the heart of the city? It’s a big decision, and you want to get it right. At The Olive Place by DataLand, Inc., we’ll give you all the reasons to consider taking the plunge and making your dream condo home a reality. Here are our five essential things why you should consider The Olive Place:


Did you know that the Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge, commonly called the Rockwell Bridge, recently completed its construction on July 29, 2021? This new development is particularly significant for The Olive Place, which is now strategically located to provide faster access to Makati through Rockwell, with a travel time of only 15-20 minutes. Likewise, if you plan to head to BGC, a convenient back entrance from Rockwell via the Rockwell-Kalayaan Bridge leads directly to BGC.


At DataLand, we firmly believe that quality shouldn’t always come at a high cost. We take pride in offering our clients top-notch units that are affordable and accessible. Our sales agents are always ready to assist you in selecting your preferred unit size and design, so don’t hesitate to ask for options.


In condo living, amenities make all the difference. If your hobby is working out in the gym, swimming, or playing a game of chess, dartboard, or billiards, you’ll certainly be on the lookout for amenities such as these. Fortunately, at The Olive Place by DataLand, amenities like these are made available, and so much more like a sauna after a session at our gym, residential lounge where you can talk to neighbors and game room where you can play to your heart’s content.


The Olive Place by DataLand is equipped with round-the-clock security, security key cards, CCTV cameras on each floor, smoke alarms, fire exits, and functional intercoms to ensure your safety and security.


Reputation of the Developer

Choose a reputable developer like DataLand to ensure that your condo project is completed and you don’t risk the project being halted due to bankruptcy. You can also backtrack on our previous projects to check the quality of a developer’s projects like ours.

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