Top Spots To Go To In Quezon City: Uncovering Hidden Gems and Local Favorites

Blogs | March 3, 2023 By DataLand, Inc.

If you’re looking for great food and fun, Quezon City has plenty of neighborhoods that won’t disappoint. Check out our top picks of fun and friendly community neighborhoods where you can hang out. Our latest Dataland Inc project is conveniently located at the center of all these happening places, making it the perfect home for foodies and party-goers alike.

Mother Ignacia

A bustling neighborhood, Mother Ignacia is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, offering a mix of residential and commercial properties.

The neighborhood is home to various establishments such as restaurants, cafes, bars, and shopping centers, making it a great place to visit and explore. The neighbourhood’s central location also makes it easily accessible from various parts of the city, making it a popular choice for those looking for a vibrant and convenient place to live.

Check out these top spots:

Kandle Cafe’s rustic and contemporary decor creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Enjoy classic Filipino and Western breakfast dishes all day long. Don’t miss out on their speciality coffee and refreshing beverages. For a tranquil dining experience, take advantage of their outdoor seating surrounded by lush greenery.


Livestock Restaurant and Bar boast a modern industrial design, perfect for a lively dining experience. Specializing in meat dishes, their Crispy Pata is a must-try Filipino favorite with a crunchy skin texture and tender soft meat that’s equally tasty and juicy. Enjoy a casual and relaxed atmosphere for a satisfying meal or night out with friends. Meat lovers, this is a must-visit!


Lola Cafe + Bar charms guests with its vintage and contemporary decor. Their locally sourced and seasonal ingredients bring Filipino favorites to world-class standards. Try their adobo and kare-kare, innovated to present a different twist on the classic favorites. Enjoy the perfect wine pairing from their well-curated selection. Perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a romantic dinner, casual lunch, or special celebration with friends.


Tomas Morato

A lively neighborhood known for its bustling nightlife, it offers many bars, clubs, and restaurants catering to different tastes and preferences. The neighborhood is also known for its entertainment and leisure options, such as theaters, karaoke bars, and spas. During the day, the site is busy with commercial activity, with shops, boutiques, and malls offering shopping options for locals and tourists alike.

Despite its busy and vibrant atmosphere, Tomas Morato is also a peaceful residential area, with several condominiums and apartment buildings providing residents with comfortable living options.

Check out these top spots:

Tablo Kitchen x Cafe offers large serving sizes of “sulit” comfort cuisine best shared with loved ones. With a contemporary twist on traditional Filipino dishes, their Creamy Beef Salpicao and Herb Lemon Chicken Steak pair perfectly with a Lychee Strawberry Smoothie. Enjoy a visual feast as well with its Instagrammable interior. Don’t miss out on a taste of home at one of Tomas Morato’s top eateries, as testified by numerous satisfied customers.


Half Saints is a restaurant that combines Asian and Mediterranean flavors to create unique and delicious dishes. Their menu features daring options like Baked Salmon Bento, Arroz Con Pollo, and Chicharon Teriyaki. Don’t forget to stop by their Bake Studio for coffee and sweet treats like the 64% Dark Chocolate Tart and Tres Leches Cheese Latte. The restaurant’s contemporary interiors add to the overall dining experience.


La Spezia MNL takes inspiration from the Italian seaside town, offering a menu of Antipasti, Primi, Secondi, and Dolci. They also have a wide selection of wines and cocktails from different countries. Let their servers help you find the perfect drink to complement your meal.

Maginhawa Street

The neighborhood is known for its wide selection of unique and affordable dining options, ranging from local street food and hole-in-the-wall eateries to trendy cafes and restaurants.

Maginhawa is also home to a diverse range of retail stores, specialty shops, and art galleries that offer various products and services. The area has a lively and creative vibe, with many of its establishments showcasing colorful and quirky designs. It is an exciting neighborhood that attracts a diverse crowd of students, young professionals, and families alike.

Check out these top spots:

Talisay the Garden Cafe is a modern Filipino restaurant by celebrity chef, Chef Tatung. With an airy space and wide glass windows, it offers a refreshing view of the garden making it a romantic al fresco dining experience that’s perfect for small weddings or events. Their elevated classic Filipino food and heirloom recipes are sure to impress! Must try are Chicken Pianggang, Balbacua, Paella Mixta, and Lengua Con Setas.


Provenciano is the perfect balikbayan and family restaurant serving heirloom and original Filipino cuisine, including regional specialities from provinces such as Pampanga, Ilocos, Bicol and Batangas. They also have Spanish/Basque dishes. Don’t miss their Sisig ni Ima (Pampanga), Kulawo ng Quezon, Sugpo sa Alavar (Zamboanga), Adobong Bicolano, Turon with Malagos chocolate from Davao, Puto Bumbong, and Bibingka.


Warung Indon serves Indonesian and Asian cuisine, with an open-air balcony on the second floor and an expanded dining area on the lower floor garage. Try their Ayam Goreng (chicken deep fried in oil) and Terong Balado (eggplants with chili sauce), and enjoy their takeout and delivery options.


A bustling neighbourhood primarily known for its proximity to some of the country’s top universities, including Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines Diliman, and Miriam College.

As a result, the area has a vibrant student culture and is home to many affordable restaurants, bars, and cafes that cater to students and young professionals. Despite its student-centered vibe, Katipunan also has a residential feel, with several gated communities and housing developments in the area.

Check out these top spots:

Ninyo Fusion Cuisine is a restaurant that offers a unique culinary experience by blending European and Asian flavors. The restaurant is known for its intimate and romantic ambience, with its cozy interiors and lush garden setting. Their menu features creative dishes such as foie gras with mango puree, lobster thermidor risotto, and wagyu beef cubes with truffle mashed potatoes. Ninyo also offers an extensive selection of wines and cocktails to complement their dishes.


Tetsuo is a cult favorite Japanese fusion restaurant with unique flavors and a street-style restaurant aesthetics. Their best-selling Chicken Karaage is a must-try, with three spice levels to choose from Ichimi, Sansho, and Kaneda. Satisfy your cravings by enjoying it with either rice or cold soba noodles.


El Chapo’s is a Filipino-Mexican taco joint. Their soft tacos are a must-try, such as the Chicharitos Pork Tacos, Spicy Chicken Tacos, and Sirloin Beef Tacos. Not sure what to get? Go for El Clásico, which features all three flavors. All tacos come with sour cream, salsa verde, and crunchy chicharon toppings. Don’t forget to try their signature Horchata, a blend of rice milk, vanilla, and cinnamon. Other menu items include Chicken Quesadilla, Sirloin Beef Birria, and El Chapo’s Burrito.

No matter which neighborhood you choose to explore, you’re sure to find something that satisfies your cravings. And with Dataland Inc’s latest project in the heart of these bustling neighborhoods, you can enjoy easy access to all these top spots, making it the perfect place to call home for foodies, party-goers, and anyone who loves the Quezon City vibe.


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